• Easy Customization: Front plate area for connectors, Mini PCI-e card slots
  • Intel® Atom™ E3845 quad-core @ 1.91 GHz
  • Health Management Controller: Continuous Independent Monitoring
  • IP50 (Desktop) / IP51 (Wall Mount), optional IP54
  • EN50155 Class TX (-40°C to 70°C / 10min @ +85°C)

Kontron TRACe B304-TR is an EN50155 certified fanless Operational Computer offering easy customization via MiniPCIe slots to meet application-specific requirements. Based on COMExpress© featuring Intel® Atom Bay Trail (quad core @ 1.91 GHz), TRACe B304-TR is designed to ensure stable operation in harsh environments.

The Kontron TRACe B304-TR is designed with a wide range power supply (from 24VDC to 110VDC). Its front plate is dedicated to the operational connectors (certified I/O according to EN50155 standard: Ethernet, USB, Serial ports, Audio, Digital Inputs and Outputs) whereas the rear plate hosts maintenance connectors (Display Port, USB, Serial, Ethernet, 2x SIM card slots). On this plate, a reserved area with 3 pre-holes allows the routing of non-provided Mini PCI-Express cards I/O signals (GSM/GPRS/3G/LTE/4G, GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth).

Kontron TRACe B304-TR extensible and modular design allows custom configuration. On operational front plate, a customizable option plate is present and used for additional interfaces (MVB, CAN Layer2, CAN Open, Profibus…).

Furthermore, Kontron TRACe B304-TR includes some sensors and a micro-controller for system health monitoring. The integrated micro-controller monitors boards and in-box ambient temperature, voltages, current and even manages Vital Product Data (P/N, S/N, EC Lvl…) of main components.