ARS-2510 EN50155 Intel® Core™ i7 Fanless Box PC
  •  3rd Generation Intel Core i7 3517 UE Procesor
  • Dual Independent Display: VGA and DVI-D
  • M12 Connector for Ethernet and USB Interfaces
  • MiniPCIe Expansions, Wi-Fi, 3G/LTE, GSM-R and GPS
  • RAID 0/1 Support (Expansion Slots)
  • EN50155 Certified:
  • Power Input Range Covers 24V/48V/72V/110V (+-40%)
  • T3 Temperature LEvel: -25ºC-70ºC (85ºC for 10 minutes with EN45545 Compliant
  • En50121 EMC Standars
  • IEC61373 Body Mount Class B
  • IP50 Rating

The ARS-2510, a fanless embedded train controller, is certified to EN50155 specifications. With a T3-level operating temperature design, the device thrives in extreme railway environments. Furthermore, the railway-specific power supply complies with EN50155 power input levels 24V/72V/110V, using M12 circular connectors. The ARS-2510 has an IP50 protective coating, ensuring its high performance is maintained over time. In addition, the ARS-2510 has two expansion slots, allowing users to add two isolated COM/ CAN modules and a 2.5” SSD SATA drive tray for easy expansion and integration.