• Pre-qualified Solution based on COTS Building Blocks
  • Flexible Design for Easy Customization
  • 5-slot 3U VPX Computer System
  • Conduction-cooled Structure
  • PBIT System Test Innovative Learning Mode
  • Support for Kontron VXFabric™ and VXControl™ Smart Technology

Kontron ApexVX is a pre-validated computer system that can be easily modified and adapted to your application requirements.
Based on Kontron COTS building blocks, it provides a cost-efficient, proven and technically stable solution to deploy
your next generation systems. ApexVX modular design ensures fast customization features that allow the system to adapt to the specific requirements of multiple missions, helping secure ambitious deployment schedule.
ApexVX multi-mission rugged computer system is the union of battle-proven enclosure technology and leading edge 3U VPX
computing technology. ApexVX is delivered fully functional and will run most Linux-based application without requiring
code change.