Substation Network Analyzer
  • IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 compliant for substation automation applications
  • Intel Core Duo LV L2400 1.66 GHz SOM-4780
  • 4-ch Fiber Smart LAN for data acquisition
  • DSP LAN data manage and support online firmware update
  • 10 Mbyte for IEC 61850 standard MU (20 MU Module Data Acquisition)
  • 2-ch 10/100Base-F LAN, SC Multi-Mode 1300 nm
  • 1-ch Fiber IRIG interface, ST Multi-Mode 850 nm
  • 1-ch RS-485 IRIG interface
  • Fanless design with no internal cabling
  • Isolation power design with wide AC/DC input range
  • Isolation between chassis and power ground
  • One internal USB for dongle and flash drive

As for data recording and analysis from a network, the UNO-P154 provides four smart LAN ports to collect high-density network packets that come with 32K byte FIFO to keep data integrity, and two standard 10/100 Mbps fiber optic interfaces, which are used to respond to real-time data. IRIG time decode could more accurately record time information to facilitate data analysis.