3U CompactPCI PlusIO Intel® 3rd Generation Core™ Processor Blade
  • Supports 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ processor
  • Intel® QM77 Platform Controller Hub
  • 4 or 8 GB DDR3-1600 soldered SDRAM with ECC
  • Triple independent display support
  • Optional 8GB SATA NAND Flash on board
  • 2.5″ SATA-II SSD, CFast, XMC on 8HP version
  • Two 10/100/1000 Mbps ports, 2 USB 3.0 ports, 1 VGA port on front panel (4HP)
  • Two COM ports, 2 Display ports, 1 PS/2 port (8HP)
  • Supports CompactPCI PlusIO
  • PICMG2.0, R3.0 , PICMG2.1, R2.0, PICMG2.30 compliant

Advantech’s MIC-3328 is a 3U CompactPCI PlusIO CPU blade based on the Intel® 3rd generation Core™ processor family. Based on latest 22nm process technology these processors support up to four cores / eight threads at up to 2.5GHz and up to 6M last level cache. With Intel HD Graphics(Gen7,DX11,OCL1.1) integrated into the CPU, the MIC-3328 can serve applications demanding high performance, high resolution video output on up to three independent display interfaces. Latest DDR3 DRAM up to 8GB running at 1600MT/s complement the powerful processor with high performance, ECC protected onboard memory.

MIC-3328’s design for reliability like using soldered processor, DRAM and flash storage for enhanced shock and vibration tolerance make it an ideal choice for workstation workloads in harsh environments and mission/business-critical applications such as military, transportation, test & measurement and traffic control. The enhanced fixed point and floating point performance offered by the intel CoreTM processor, improvements in the vector processing instruction set (AVX) along with the possibility to utilize the integrated GPU via standard interfaces such as OpenCL make the MIC-3328 also a great fit for signal processing applications such as radar, beam forming or image processing.

For best in class IO performance, MIC-3328 uses the Intel QM77 PCH, which provides extensive I/O support such as USB3.0, PCI Express gen.2 and SATA-III ports. Three i210 Gigabit Ethernet Controllers provide front panel as well as rear panel network connectivity. The i210 provides higher performance over previous Gigabit Ethernet controllers, better support for virtualization, Energy Efficient Ethernet and ECC protected packet buffers for enhanced reliability. Support for timestampping and synchronization is accomplished via IEEE1588 (PTP). Support for industrial Ethernet protocols such as ProfiNet, EtherCAT and Powerlink is available via third party software partners.
For dense applications the MIC-3328 is available with a 4HP front panel, occupying a single slot, only. For applications requiring additional IO and/or peripheral support, the MIC-3328 can be extended to 8HP (2 slots) via specific extension modules (XTMs). For industrial display or workstation applications, a graphics-centric XTM routes two Display Ports from the PCH for triple display support, adds 2 COM ports for data acquisition and control plus a PS/2 and 2.5″ SSD. A second XTM provides a XMC mezzanine slot for industry standard extension modules like Advantech’s MIC-3666 dual 10GE adapter card. The XMC slot supports a PCI Express x8 interface directly into the Intel CoreTM processor with speeds up to 64Gbps according to PCI Express 3.0.

While support for legacy CompactPCI is provided on J1 via an onboard PI7C9X110 bridge, the MIC-3328 supports an UHM J2 connector according to PCIMG2.30 (PlusIO). While this connector maintains backwards compatibility and interoperability with legacy systems, it makes state of the art serial interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet, PCI express, USB and SATA available for use on a Rear transition Module (RTM) or on a hybrid backplane supporting legacy IO cards as well as CompactPCI Serial peripheral cards as defined in PICMG2.30. Thus, MIC-3328 provides a smooth, risk free and future proof migration path from legacy parallel PCI bussed CompactPCI system to latest serial interface standard predominant in the computer industry. With full backwards compatibility to CompactPCI, customers investments stay protected while the door is opened for platform enhancements and innovations via the new serial interfaces. The MIC-3328 PlusIO J2 supports interfaces such as 4 PCI Express x1 gen. 2 links for IO extension, one GbE for computer to computer multiprocessing, three SATA for Hard drives and RAID systems as well as 4 USB ports for wireless interfaces and legacy interface replacement.

For more information about CompactPCI PlusIO and Serial offerings from Advantech or information on how this new platform can help you to gain competitive advantages, please contact your Advantech representative.