16-ch Universal Digital I/O Module

  • Channels: 16
  • I/O Type: bit-wise selectable by DIP switch
  • Digital input: Support Dry/Wet Contact
  • Digital output: Open Collector to 30 V, 450 mW max. load
  • Power consumption: 0.35 W (typical); 1.2 W (max)

The ADAM-5050 features sixteen digital input/output channels. Each channel can be independently configured to be an input or an output channel by the setting of its DIP switch. The digital outputs are open-collector transistor switches that can be controlled from the ADAM-5000. The switches can also be used to control solid-state relays, which in turn can control heaters, pumps and power equipment. The ADAM-5000 can use the module’s digital inputs to determine the state of limit or safety switches, or to receive remote digital signals.